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Day 96 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Overcome the Six Temptations of Successful Organizations!

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

As I was gathering research material for a chapter on overcoming complacency that I will include in How to Lead by THE BOOK, I came across an outline I had written for, How to Overcome the Six Temptations of Successful Organizations. This outline became the final chapter in my book, Up Your Business, which was first published in 2003. The revised and expanded version was released in 2007.

Back in ’03 business and the economy were better for many of us than they are today and I felt compelled to include the six temptations as a warning  for leaders to not let up and lose their momentum during robust business periods. For many of you, business has taken a turn upward this year over the past couple of years, and it may help to be reminded of these six points. Here they are:

The Six Temptations of Successful Organizations:

1. The leaders stop working on themselves and become know-it-alls.

2. The leaders stop thinking big and slide backward into a maintenance mode.

3. The leaders stop leading from the front and spend too much time in their offices.

4. The leaders stop building a team and become too dependent upon themselves.

5. The leaders stop holding others accountable because it doesn’t seem as necessary.

6. Everyone abandons the basics.

How many of these temptations have you or your organization fallen prey to? Face them and fix them now!

Yesterday I flew from Los Angeles to Huntsville, Alabama where I will conduct my Simply the Best Customer Service Workshop this morning. During the flight, I worked on another chapter for How to Lead by THE BOOK. It covers biblical strategies for recruiting and hiring great people. I believe that readers are going to be amazed at how thoroughly the Bible speaks to this subject and how helpful its team building principles are. I’ll include actual character-determining interview questions in the book: over a dozen of them! This will help you hire people who share your values and have the attitude and integrity necessary to positively contribute to your organization.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, my publisher wants me to add an additional chapter to the revised version of How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK, which is scheduled to be released in June. After considering many possibilities, I decided on this topic for the expanded version of the book: How to Lead Effectively Through Crisis! The world is becoming a more complex and challenging place in which to live and lead. Because of this, I believe that a “crisis leadership” theme will always be relevant, applicable and helpful. We never know what surprises lurk around the corner. The wise will be prepared for them before they manifest.