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Day 117-118 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Six Benefits of Right Values!

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

I’ve just completed my chapter on core values for How to Lead by THE BOOK. As with all the chapters, I’ll start off by describing “Man’s wisdom and way” and then getting into “The BOOK’s wisdom and way.” In this excerpt I’m including six benefits to affirm the importance of having meaningful, visible, core values as a cornerstone of your culture:

Man’s wisdom & way

Core values are little more than a load of Pollyanna happy hot tub talk. Consultants promote their creation so you hire them to help you with them! In challenging times we need to stay focused, and the last thing we need is another exercise in academic nonsense. Business schools dream up this core value stuff to make our lives more complicated. In the real world, we need to focus on production. We can’t afford to become distracted from our pursuit of hard numbers by a bunch of touchy feely nonsense like core values. Creating core values ranks right up there with trivial pursuits like meaningless mission and vision statements. While we’re at it, how about gathering together every morning in the lobby to join hands, and sing Kumbaya?”

The paragraph you’ve just read is a near-verbatim statement I personally made in my first management job. This was long ago when I was under the illusion that my new title attested that I was a leader, and that my promotion had miraculously made me smarter. I know that I am not yet what I should be, but I thank God that I’m not what I used to be!

The BOOK’s wisdom and way

The Bible abounds with examples of God creating and communicating the non-negotiable behaviors that He expected His people to live by. The Ten Commandments and Christ’s Sermon on the Mount are prime examples. Creating, living, and holding others accountable for core values are essential leadership responsibilities. Core values serve multiple purposes;

1. Core values create the DNA of your organization. They differentiate you from competitors.

2. Core values make it easier for employees to know what to do in situations where they cannot check with authorities or ask for permission.

3. Core values provide a filter to help you hire the right people.

4. Core values provide a filter to help you fire the wrong people.

5. Core values help create a culture that supports your vision.

6. Core values provide a benchmark for behavioral accountability.