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Seven Truths about Tests!

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Everyone goes through tests in life. In fact, the biographies of famous men and women often highlight tests as catalysts for breakthroughs in the life of a highly accomplished person.

The Bible is also filled with stories of tests God put His people through in an effort to make them more usable for His purposes. This morning’s reading of Wisdom Hunters shed insightful light into life’s tests, and provoked the following seven takeaways I’ll share here:

1. What’s in our heart comes out under duress. If resentment resides in your heart, then anger appears. If forgiveness is found in your heart, then peace exudes when pressured by outside forces. The heart does not show its true colors until it faces a test.

2. It is under the fire of a test that the heart of the matter surfaces to the top. This is why someone is able to mask hurt over a lifetime of disappointment by ignoring its deep-rooted influence. You can hide what’s in your heart, but eventually a test will lure it out. And, its exposure is for your benefit. It makes you aware of the inner work you need to deal with to grow as a person.�
3. During a period of testing, you may not gain more materially (in fact you may temporarily lose ground in this area), but you will become more personally. This becoming more prepares you for bigger and better opportunities.

4. Your current situation may very well be a test from God. He is squeezing your heart to see what is inside. It is healthy to flush out deceptive feelings that may be leading you to be fearful and to distrust. �
5. One of the greatest benefits of testing will reveal that you have not developed spiritually, and still depend too much on yourself and worldly resources. The test can drive you closer to God through more intense worship and obedience. 

6. Persisting through a test in your own strength can jolt you into reality. You now have a desperate and fresh dependence on God. He is front and center in your thinking. The carousel of careless living has stopped, and you are dizzy with despair. It is at this point of dependence on God where you need to camp out. God’s test may be designed to separate you from your pride, shake you out of denial, and purge you from your comfort zone.

7. Your test may come through abundance rather than through lack. Perhaps, your wealth has exceeded all limits and expectations. Will you give it away or hoard it; stockpile worldly wealth or pile up heavenly treasures? This is a test of what is truly in your heart. Your prosperity can compete with your obedience to God, or it can accelerate it. Use the heavenly test of abundance for the transformation of your earthly thinking.

8. Your test may be to help you discover what motivates you. One reason that bad things happen to good people is to enable them to uncover their true motives and motivations. Tests are for a season. Tests are for a reason. Tests purify. Tests mature. Tests bless. Tests are for your good.