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Day 18 How to Lead by THE BOOK: God or Money First?

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

The Ten Commandments are divided into two sections. The first tablet concerns your relationship with God. The second tablet refers to your relationship with others. In Matthew 19, when the rich young ruler approached Jesus to ask what he must do to have eternal life, Jesus began His reply by telling him to keep the commandments. When the ruler asked, “Which ones?”, Jesus recited the commandments from the second tablet, dealing with relationships with other people. After the ruler affirmed that he had kept those commandments, Jesus dropped the hammer and gave an instruction that would reveal the ruler’s failure to prioritize the first tablet and put God first: He instructed him to sell all he had and follow Him. At this point, the ruler walked away sad, because he had many possessions.

What was Jesus trying to teach this young man and how does it relate to us? While the rich man had good relationships with others, he was not right with God, and had not put his trust in Him as a priority and prerequisite for eternal life. In fact, he prioritized money over God and refused to give¬† up his “stuff” in order to put God first in his life. Many business people today do the same. They are friendly, respectful, considerate, ethical, and well liked by others. They’ve got the second tablet of commandments down pat! Their problem is that they have never put God first in their lives. Rather, material gain reigns supreme on their life’s altar. They are possessed by their possessions, and because of this, they follow their own will rather than God’s. They may appear successful on the outside, but will never enjoy what God had in store for them, spiritually or materially, because they put other “gods” before God. These gods can include but are not limited to: money, fame, power, and all that it brings in this lifetime.

In How to Lead by THE BOOK I’m going to present strategies for putting the first tablet first, despite the daily distractions, busyness, and emergencies of the moment. If you want to be a leader that lasts over time, and fulfills your full potential, prioritizing God is not an option.¬† Enjoy your Sunday!