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Day 15 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Why the Successful Fall!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Why do so many successful people fail to stay on top? In fact, they seem to self-destruct. No one gets in their way, they just can’t seem to stay out of their own way. At this writing, the former governor of Illinois is on trial for corruption, Mel Gibson is in hot water, again, over his behavior, Lindsay Lohan is in jail, etc., etc., etc.

Because of this persistent dilemma, one of the 70 challenges I’ll present in, How to Lead by THE BOOK will be:   “How can I survive success and finish well?” Here’s a hint: you’ve got to carefully guard your character choices! Normally, it’s not a diminished level of competence that creates the conditions to fall from grace. Rather, the problem is usually rooted in poor character decisions, and I’ll give several examples and remedies in the book.

The bottom line is this: When people become successful, they tend to let down their character-guard and fall. They fail to protect their talent by maintaining strong character. Frankly, they get sloppy, careless, and often-times arrogant. They believe that since they’ve “arrived”, certain rules don’t apply to them anymore and that they’ve earned the right to do what comes naturally, rather than to live with intent and discipline. Everyone, and not just high-profile people like those I’ve mentioned, is prone to this pitfall. Because of this, I believe that the way I address this issue in the book will help many readers.

I had to tone the book’s introduction down a bit yesterday. It was turning into a rant against our modern age’s attempt to erase God from public sight and speech! I do intend to get the point across, only in a more gentle manner than what was on my first draft! Whenever I write about a controversial topic, I normally write it in “rant” form first, and then reshape it in an effort to make it more professional, humane, and intelligent. There is a danger in coming across too strongly in writing or speech and it is this: what you appear to be as a person, can shout so loudly at a reader, that they can’t even hear what you’re trying to say. In other words, they can’t get past you, to get to your message. A good lesson for all of us.