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Day 75 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Leverage the Power of Deadlines!

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

As I prepare to leave on an international mission trip this week I’m reminded of the power of deadlines. Deadlines purify your purpose, narrow your daily focus, create energy and urgency, and are a built-in accountability tool. Deadlines are an essential ally in my work in that each month I must produce one video personal development program, two magazine columns, two monthly newsletters, two DVD programs, and thirty blog postings. This month I’m also writing a new, two-day customer service workshop and, of course, working daily on my new book.

On my upcoming trip, I won’t take my computer with me. Because of this I will be unable to work on, How to Lead by THE BOOK. The anticipation of this is making me very productive in my daily routine. I recommend that all leaders set more deadlines for themselves: daily goals that create theĀ  motivation to do more now!

In Matthew 24:42-45 Jesus tells His followers to watch for, prepare for, and to anticipate His Second Coming. This is the ultimate deadline! And even though we don’t know when it will be, it should serve to help us in ways similar to what I mentioned earlier:

1. Create purity of purpose: Primarily to serve and not be served.

2. Narrow your daily focus: To making a difference, not just making money.

3. Create urgency and energy: To live and do right in the now.

4. Hold yourself accountable: Particularly for the right actions and attitudes.