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Day 47 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Go Fishing!

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

In a few hours, I’ll take a flight from Los Angeles to South Carolina to spend three days fishing with my younger brother and two nephews. We only see each other once per year, so there will be a lot of catching up to do, stories to swap and, hopefully, some fish to catch!

Jesus had several fishermen among his team of disciples. In fact, when He recruited them He promised to make them fishers of men. Many business leaders today are afraid to “fish for men” in their workplace. After all, the world has gotten so politically correct and sensitive that increasingly high numbers of people are hostile to any talk of “religion”. But fishing for men doesn’t mean that you have to debate, cajole, pursue, or pressure people into improving their walk with God. Some of the best evangelism is done each day as men and women in the workplace demonstrate godly character and lead by example. In fact, if you’re a Christian, you may be successfully fishing for men and not even realize it. In today’s posting I’m including some examples of  simple, positive, daily behaviors that others can’t help but notice. These actions make others wonder what you’ve “got” that they don’t. And when they come to you to find out, you’ll have a chance to share your own story and testimony.

Just as shining a light upon the water draws fish to it so that you can catch them, your own attitude and character serve as light that draws others to Christ. In, How to Lead by THE BOOK, I’ll discuss the importance of “fishing for men and women” in this manner, and resisting the temptation to blend in with the crowd and conform to their values, rendering you as a nominal Christian in the process. Here are some behavioral examples of fishing for men that draw others to Christ:

1. You tell the truth, without excuse and regardless of the cost.

2. You don’t gossip or enable it by listening to it.

3. You are loyal to those not present.

4. You go the second mile and expect nothing in return.

5. You keep commitments and meet deadlines.

6. You find something positive in every problem, rather than the problem with every opportunity.

7. You maintain integrity of speech, shunning profanity, off color jokes, stories, and the like.

8. You treat others with respect and courtesy, especially those in the “lowest level” positions.

9. You quickly admit mistakes and give away credit, deflecting praise of you to God.

10. You have an abundance, rather than a scarcity, mentality.

11. You remain humble despite what you accomplish.

12. You take responsibility for your actions.

13. You quickly forgive others and seek forgiveness when you wrong someone else.

14. You maintain a teachable spirit and spend more time listening than lecturing.

The list could go on, but this is a good head start. Do you act as a light that draws others to Christ, or are you prone to behave in a manner that differentiates you little, if at all, from those who don’t know Christ? If it’s the latter, then begin anew today and commit to leading by personal example rather than personal convenience, realizing that people would rather see a sermon than hear one.