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Seven Quotes: How to Lead by THE BOOK

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

The seven quotes for the back cover of, How to Lead by THE BOOK: Proverbs, Parables & Principles to Tackle Your Toughest Business Challenges are in! Take a look below and see if you know any of these special friends who agreed to read and review my book for me. I appreciate their time and generosity. Their input will add great value to the book!

If you’re looking for no nonsense answers to help you fix, build, or stretch your organization, How to Lead by THE BOOK hits the bullseye! This book is a home run!

John C. Maxwell, Leadership Expert and Best-selling Author. 

How to Lead by THE BOOK is filled with refreshing, uncommon candor. Each chapter provides pragmatic applications to help Christian leaders tackle today’s most common leadership challenges. I found as many applications for how we manage our home and family as I do in managing our company. Reading this book humbly reminds me of my servant leadership responsibilities to my colleagues.

Ed Bastian, President of Delta Airlines 

 Our nation is at a crossroads.  We are experiencing a call to leadership in our country today in business, in politics and in our families.  Many have offered different visions to follow but there can be only one.  How to Lead by THE BOOK lays out the true path to authentic leadership that has been tested and found to be true for eons.  I highly recommend this book.

Chad Hennings, Super Bowl Champion, author, Rules of Engagement

How to Lead by THE BOOK offers a refreshing return to highly effective, eternal success principles. The biblically-based strategies Dave provides to your fourteen toughest challenges have never been more necessary or relevant.

Jon Gordon, Best-selling author of The Energy Bus and Soup

In a world of constant change, stability comes from living the values that don’t change.  This is as true for companies as it is for the individuals who work in them.  In How to Lead by THE BOOK Dave Anderson reminds us that some values are timeless, regardless of the times we live in.

Joe Calloway, author, Becoming A Category of One

Renowned leadership authority Dave Anderson has made an extraordinary contribution with How to Lead by THE BOOK. This remarkable work can be of immediate-and enduring–value to anyone called upon to lead within a company, a not-for-profit, the military, a community or a family.

James Strock, author of Serve to Lead, and Reagan on Leadership

How to Lead by the Book is a no-nonsense approach to leadership for today’s leader. With insight from God’s Word, Dave addresses the issues that every leader faces on a daily basis and provides practical steps to bring health to any team. A must-read!

Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor Christ Fellowship Church, West Palm Gardens, Florida