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Day 53 How to Lead by THE BOOK: The Recipe for Success or Failure!

Monday, August 30th, 2010

In yesterday’s post, I outlined the connection between first ordering your personal life, and then being able to successfully work within the discipline of priorities on the job. In How to Lead by THE BOOK, I’ll present several parallels between success or failure in your spiritual life and success or failure in the workplace.  In fact, the recipe for failure spiritually and in business are very similar. Here is my simple definition of failure in either endeavor, a definition I learned from Jim Rohn many years ago: “A few errors in judgment repeated every day.”

You might wonder why someone would make an error in judgment and be foolish enough to repeat it every day. The answer: they think it doesn’t matter! On their own, our daily acts don’t seem that important. A let up in discipline, a wasted hour, a poor decision, a few careless words don’t normally result in an instant negative outcome. Most of the time, there is no immediate consequence that results from our action. But while the consequences don’t show up over night, they do manifest over time!

Someone who eats too many of the wrong foods or never exercises won’t develop an immediate weight or health issue, but they do plant the seeds for future problems. Likewise, if you haven’t read the Bible in the past sixty days, your lack of discipline may not seem to have any immediate impact on your life. However, as your spiritual connection and convictions fade, you become more susceptible to worldly attractions and walk blindly into situations God would never approve of. In your business, you can skip a training meeting once, only to see it become a habit. But since you don’t see an immediate downfall in production, it’s easy to think that training doesn’t matter and persist in neglecting to develop your people. But you are setting yourself up for gross underachievement as your people become sloppy, unpolished, undisciplined, and lose skills they once had mastered.

As you can see, the Law of Sowing and Reaping creates failures as well as successes! While failure is defined as a “few errors in judgment repeated every day”, success is defined as “right decisions done daily.” Only as you become more focused on your future will you discipline yourself to do more of what is right today. This is why people in any endeavor who strictly “live for the moment” leave a legacy of mediocrity. They add value to nothing and impact no one. They failed to chose the pain of discipline, so instead they live with the pain of regret.

Pay careful attention to your daily decisions because they define your future. In fact, wherever you are in life right now is a product of your past decisions. Thus, to predict your future you need only to look at the decisions you’re making today. Go to your Bible and underline Galatians 6:7. Better yet, memorize it and apply it to all aspects of your life.