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Day 122-123 How to Lead by THE BOOK: How to Change Behaviors in Your Organization!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

A common misconception is that you can change your team’s behaviors strictly by changing your organization’s vision. This is only true if your culture aligns with your vision. For instance, if you have a culture of entitlement, where there is little accountability, casting a stretch-vision isn’t going to change a thing. In fact, it can make you look foolish because the culture and vision are an obvious mismatch. Thus, the key to changing behaviors is to first change your culture. After the culture is firmly established in the image you desire, you can credibly create a vision that will evoke emotion from within the culture and cause the people there to behave accordingly and rise to the occasion of reaching the vision.

In How to Lead by THE BOOK, I will include a chapter on what comprises culture and how to change it. Here’s a sneak preview:

Culture Components:

1. Core values.

2. Mission.

3. Core competencies.

4. People

The leader is the primary architect and chief-influencer of the culture. The culture components aren’t likely to change much unless the leader changes, or is changed.

The culture builds a foundation to create a vision based on the strengths of your culture-foundation. Once the vision has been cast, you are then able to devise the strategy that builds on the assets of your culture and will take you to your vision.

The lesson here? Don’t try to take shortcuts by launching a bold, fancy vision until you’ve laid the ground work for its success through the deliberate and intentional creation of a supporting culture. Remember: culture dictates behavior and behaviors determine results. If you want greater results, go to work on your culture!