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Day 102-103 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Hold Leaders More Accountable!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Yesterday I traveled from Los Angeles to Wisconsin, where I’ll conduct a leadership seminar today. The weather here is beautiful! Who’d have thought that the October climate in Wisconsin would be better than it is in LA? A pleasant surprise!

I’ve fine tuned the format for the opening of each of my chapters for How to Lead by THE BOOK. Each chapter will open up with a common leadership challenge. For instance, “Is it right to hold leaders more accountable than followers and why?”

I’ll first present “Man’s wisdom and way” and then present in contrast “The BOOK’s wisdom and way”. Here’ s a sample of how it will flow from chapter two of the book:

Man’s wisdom & way

Leadership is about privileges. Once you pay your dues and “arrive”, you’re not subject to the same demands or expectations as followers. There is an unwritten understanding that organizational rules and values are designed to keep the flock in line; they don’t apply equally to leaders.

It is within the realm of reason to claim that there is scarcely a person on the planet who has not been in some way impacted by the arrogance and sense of entitlement demonstrated by leaders who embody “Man’s Wisdom and Way”. Whether in business, politics, the church, or the average family corrupt leaders debilitate and destroy companies, countries, families, and denominations.

The BOOK’s wisdom & way

“…everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked”. Luke 12:48.

When an organization is struggling or under-achieving, you don’t first try and fix it in the middle or at the bottom. Rather, you fix it at the top. The old saw is true: A fish rots at the head: It starts to stink at the top first!

I was asked at a seminar whether a poorly performing manager should be given more or less time to get results than an underachieving subordinate. I suggested that a bad leader should be given less time and less rope, because when he hangs himself he takes a lot of other people down with him.

From there, I’ll go into detail to explain what the BOOK says about the issue with supporting parables, proverbs, principles, personal experiences, and real life stories and examples. This should make each chapter a fast, informative read with usable information the reader can put to use immediately!