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Day 21 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Bad Reviews & Hate Speech!

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Every author hopes for good book reviews. With technology, it’s easy to find a review or to write them on the Internet. Sites like B&,, and others provide accessible and visible forums for readers to share their opinions. An author should be prepared to receive negative reviews. After all, no one can please everybody! In fact, when accepted with the right spirit you can learn from the constructive criticism in a review that is well-thought out and presented professionally. But what happens when someone goes overboard, gets personal, vulgar, and mean? That’s a different story, and the responsible websites will remove such reviews as they distract from the site’s intended purpose and can become a forum for hate.

I encountered this situation last week when a review posted on was brought to my attention. It concerned my book, How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK. The problem was that the reviewer said nothing about my book. Instead, he criticized the book on which it was based, the Bible, as well as the people who read the Bible. Using obnoxious language, he referred to the Bible as a “crap book” as “toxin” and to those who read it as, “brain dead myth believers, stupid.” He also used a four letter word I won’t repeat here. In today’s hyper-sensitive times, this review could be labeled as hate speech! I emailed Goodreads and brought this to their attention. Yesterday, I received word that they deleted the “off-topic, flagrantly offensive” review, and by doing so have maintained the integrity of their site and stayed true to their core purpose of sharing honest reviews–either positive or negative. I want to thank them for doing what is right.

In yesterday’s posting I promised to share insight on a topic I will cover as one of the seventy strategies in, How to Lead by THE BOOK: “When are leaders most susceptible to character breakdowns?” The Bible makes the answer clear. And as you survey the business, sports and entertainment world of modern times, you discover that nothing has changed. Human beings are most susceptible to character break-downs when they are at the top of the mountain, after a major victory, and when they feel invincible. This is when its easy to forget about God. At the point of our greatest success is when we can become prideful and rely on our own strength, and begin to believe that the moral and ethical rules others must play by no longer apply to us. There is danger at the top of the mountain! In How to Lead by THE BOOK I’ll offer several strategies to help you overcome this common trap of success.