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Day 124-126: How to Lead by THE BOOK: Give Based on Deserve, not Need!

Friday, November 12th, 2010

I’m wrapping up the third day of my annual Strategy Summit at the beautiful Gaylord Texan in Dallas today. One of the class topics yesterday was the importance of building a culture of accountability, where each team member received what they earned and deserved based on their performance–nothing more, nothing less. This is a topic I’ll cover in one of the chapters in How to Lead by THE BOOK.

To support and explain the philosophy of giving out rewards, opportunities, discretion and trust based on “deserve,” rather than based on “need,” I used the Parable of the Talents. You can read up on this important lesson in Matthew 25. Following are the take-aways I encourage you to apply to your organization:

1. Give people what they earn and deserve based on past performance, not equally across the board.

2. If a team member doesn’t use the resources or opportunities he or she has been given, take it from them and give it to someone who will bring a return for the organization.

3. In an organization focused on results, treating people fairly doesn’t mean that you treat them all alike. Instead, treating people fairly means that you treat them in a manner in which they have earned and deserved, and they haven’t all earned the same pay plan, schedule, opportunities, discretion, or trust.

In other words, “fairness” doesn’t mean “sameness.” Rather, fairness means justice. And justice means that people get what they earn and deserve.  Think about this: What could possibly be more fair than treating someone in a manner that they deserve? Actually, the only ones that ever complain about getting only what they deserve are those who don’t deserve much and your primary objective should not be to make this group happy, but to help them get better!