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Day 91: How to Lead by THE BOOK: Empower & Delegate Wisely!

Friday, October 8th, 2010

I attended a 6:30 a.m. Bible study at Calvary Community Church today. We’re going through a course called, “The Dirty Dozen.” It is an eight-week study on the life of the twelve disciples. Today we discussed a leadership principle that I will further explain in, How to Lead by THE BOOK.” This principle has tremendous relevance to your own leadership style and business. It concerns empowerment and delegation.

In Matthew 10 it says that Jesus sent out the Twelve with authority to do many things: heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead, and cleanse lepers. Here’s what we can learn and apply from Jesus’ model:

1. He didn’t empower recklessly. Jesus empowered the right people! He prayed all night before ever choosing the Twelve. Sometimes we will ask an employee to do a task and then realize after they have failed in their endeavor that they were the wrong person to begin with!

2. He showed what good performance looked like before sending them out. Jesus had personally done each task with the disciples that He commissioned them to do before sending them out to do likewise. We must do the same. Show people what good performance looks like! Whenever possible, do a task with them before handing it off to them.

3. Jesus gave them the authority they needed to accomplish the task. Oftentimes we delegate something to someone but give them no authority to make decisions or implement action without checking with us. This slows them down and causes them to waste time and miss opportunities. If you delegate someone to accomplish a job, don’t micromanage the process! Let them go!

4. He clearly defined what He expected before sending them out. Jesus told them specifically what to do. They had clear objectives to accomplish. How often have you “dumped”, rather than delegated, by barking out an order that is not clear–and then expecting that it be done the way you like? Give people a clear picture of what success will look like. They are unlikely to hit a cloudy or moving target.

5. Jesus debriefed the disciples after they had returned from the task. Luke reports that Jesus listened to them, encouraged them, and further coached them after they returned from their mission. We must provide the same follow-up to bring closure to one task and then prepare our team for what’s next.

If you’ve ever delegated a task and were disappointed with the outcome, perhaps you missed one or more of these five points. Learn from your mistakes, use Jesus as your model, and get it right the next time!