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Day 115-116 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Don’t Cheat Your Champions!

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

More great news yesterday! Fifteen months after its publication, How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK is still making best-seller lists. It placed #20 in the Hudson Bookstore/Newsstand Airport Bestseller List in locations nationwide!

Setting behavioral standards, and then holding people accountable for those standards, is a key leadership responsibility. When standards aren’t set, employees can behave recklessly and then claim they “didn’t know that’s what you expected.” Here’s an excerpt from the chapter on values from How to Lead by THE BOOK:

The BOOK’s wisdom and way

The Bible abounds with examples of God creating and communicating the non-negotiable behaviors that He expected His people to live by. The Ten Commandments and Christ’s Sermon on the Mount are prime examples. Creating, living, and holding others accountable for core values are essential leadership responsibilities. Core values serve multiple purposes;

1. Core values create the DNA of your organization. They differentiate you from competitors.

2. Core values make it easier for employees to know what to do in situations where they cannot check with authorities or ask for permission.

3. Core values provide a filter to help you hire and promote the right people.

4. Core values provide a filter to help you fire the wrong people.

5. Core values help create a culture that supports your vision.

6. Core values provide a benchmark for behavioral accountability.

Years ago, the team member that violated values and possessed a dearth of character was the pariah. A sad indictment of our times often proves opposite. The contemporary outcast is the soul refusing to cede his principles, who forgoes what is easy or popular for what is right. In some circles, these principled Daniels and Ruth’s are rewarded with mockery, ostracizing, and vindictiveness. By failing to create and enforce core values that champion these heroes and weed out offenders, you aid the offenders and cheat your champions