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Day 94 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Defeat Fear and its Friends!

Monday, October 11th, 2010

There are multiple inside enemies a leader faces each day: fear, worry, doubt, indifference, procrastination and others. These inner issues can exacerbate the negative impact that “outside conditions” have on your organization. Outside conditions are factors like: aggressive competition, a down economy, bad weather, and the like. In order to overcome fear and its friends, you’ve got to daily renew your mind.

Your mind will come under siege from enemies real and make believe, inside and outside, and if you fail to fortify your mind and simply let it fend for itself it will be defeated. Romans 12:2 offers powerful advice and insight into this challenge:

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. The Greek word used for “renewing” is given in a tense that means to continually renew. How do you continually renew your mind in a manner that does  not conform it to the worries and concerns of this world?

First, here’s how not to renew it:

A. Countless hours watching violence and sex on television, reality TV, and dwelling on negative news stories.

B. Using your spare moments to absorb meaningless and trivial gossip and celebrity news online, in publications, or on TV.

C. Engaging in “worst case” scenario conversations with your associates at work. Speculating about what a tough month it is going to be, and how the economy is taking forever to turn around.

D. Associating with small-minded people. These are the folks who gossip, judge, whine, complain, and criticize everything and everyone. Nothing is ever good enough and no one makes them happy.

To separate yourself from the world’s thinking, you’ve got to stop spending so much time looking at, and listening to, what the world produces!

You renew your mind with quiet time; not in busyness. You renew your mind with prayer. You renew your mind when you read and memorize key scripture passages that apply to your situation and your life. You renew your mind when you engage with like-minded, positive, and uplifting people. You renew your mind when you make a conscious effort to find and celebrate what is right about a situation, a person, and the world. You renew your mind when you try to see things as God sees them. This includes people, problems, and opportunities.

As I continue writing How to Lead by THE BOOK, I am making a very deliberate effort to include the most relevant proverbs, parables, and principles readers need to detach their minds from the way the world thinks and acts, and elevate themselves to a transformed, renewed, and more effective way of thinking and living. Last night I wrote about holding leaders to a higher standard. Later today I’ll write about the most effective leadership style to apply in any situation. These strategies do not conform to the world’s thinking. They’ll require a new way of thinking, a renewed mind. But the payoff in results will be substantial.