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Day 20 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Recipe for Greatness!

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

When the disciples were arguing about who was the greatest, it is interesting to note what Jesus did not tell them. He never said that they shouldn’t try to become great. Rather, He gave them the recipe for greatness: serve others. Business people should learn from this. There’s nothing ignoble about trying to become a great leader or build a great organization. The question becomes: what are your motives and intended methods for doing so? Do you want to become great because of what you “get”, or because of what you become in the process of adding so much value to employees, customers, and your community that greatness ensues? In, How to Lead by THE BOOK, I’ll tackle the myth perpetuated by some that it’s wrong or prideful to pursue greatness. Instead, I’ll outline the Bible-based steps and motives necessary to become great.

We got word yesterday that, How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK” was on the Hudson Airport Bestsellers list for the 12th straight week, at #24. That’s nice. But what’s most important is that people in all across America are looking to biblical principles to improve their lives, families, and businesses. The fact that we are able to help them do that is what puts smiles on the faces of everyone on our team!

When is a leader most vulnerable to character break-downs? I’ll offer two specific points to watch for in tomorrow’s posting.