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Going A.P.E for Attitude, Passion, and Enthusiasm

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

In September of 2017, my fourteenth book, Unstoppable will be released. In the book, I discuss four types of performers: undertakers, caretakers, playmakers and game changers, and outline steps to elevate one’s personal and business life to game changer status. The eighth chapter is titled, “Go A.P.E.,” and it outlines the importance that attitude, passion, and enthusiasm have in excelling consistently well in any endeavor. In this column, I’m sharing a sneak preview from that chapter. This is a topic I will also discuss in an upcoming episode of my podcast, The Game Changer Life. Use this to evaluate and elevate your own level of attitude, passion, and enthusiasm, and to inspire more in others.

Attitude, passion, and enthusiasm are “inside jobs.” While one person may alter the mood of another based on how they treat them, one’s prevailing attitude, passion, and enthusiasm starts from within. They are also critical success factors that help lift one to unstoppable status and are greatly triggered by your personal WHY, your personal purpose and most compelling reasons for why you get  up each morning.

Lesser performers require excessive external stimulation to elevate their attitude, passion, and enthusiasm. It seems every day they need to be hugged, burped, coddled, cajoled, begged, bribed, or pumped up in order to deliver anything over and above baseline work. If this describes you, or someone on your team, you have work to do.

For the sake of perspective, consider the definition of each of these three vital traits:

  • Attitude: “A settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior” (Google).

The odds of someone changing another’s “settled way of thinking” are more than remote. The reality is that attitude is a choice. While you cannot control what happens to you, you can choose your response. And the quality of your career and life will depend greatly on the quality of that choice. Stoppable people choose the wrong response to setbacks, disappointments, rejection, defeat or failure much—or most—of the time. Then, they wrongly blame someone or something for “giving” them a bad attitude.

Be thankful that no one or nothing has the power over your life to open your head, shove in a bad attitude, and leave you to suffer. YOU get to choose your thinking, your attitude, and how you will respond; and the game changer wouldn’t accept anything less.


  • Passion: “A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something, or about doing something” (Merriam-Webster).


Feelings of enthusiasm and excitement caused by external stimulation are short-term spikes that fire you up for an instant and fade just as quickly. It is the excitement and enthusiasm birthed from within, from one’s WHY, that burns consistently and intensely over time. No one can make you passionate about someone or something. Real passion comes from the heart-out, not from the external-in. Passion is not something you seize; it is something you are seized by.


  • Enthusiasm: “Intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval” (Google).

The origins of the word “enthusiasm” come from the Greek word “enthousiasmos,” meaning that one is “possessed by a god, inspired” (Google). To be enthusiastic then, in essence, means that you are filled with God.

While passion and enthusiasm are similar, the “eager enjoyment” aspect of enthusiasm makes it stand alone. This is the mindset to be content and enjoy—to the make the best of—any state you are in. To not only be enthusiastic when things go well, or when you have the wind at your back, but to enjoy the challenge of: learning the lesson, leaving a comfort zone, making a change, taking a risk, and accepting coaching that hurts because you know it will make you better.


People with the right attitude, passion, and enthusiasm magnify whatever talent and skills they have exponentially. Those lacking any of these three qualities marginalize whatever talent and skills they have drastically.


Check Your Birth Certificate


When you check your birth certificate I can promise you that you will not find, “Has a great attitude, passion, and enthusiasm” listed anywhere on it. Nor will you find the words: negative, lifeless, and indifferent. Nope, these are states you create for yourself, from within yourself, and based on how you choose to see life, the philosophy you create and embrace, and what you decide to make of your one opportunity on this planet. This is both great, and bad news. The great news is that living an unstoppable life anchored in right attitude, passion, and enthusiasm are all within your control; no one can prevent you from becoming these things, or cause you to become unlike these things. The “bad” news is that if you have been accustomed to traversing through life as a sniveler, blaming other people or things for why you have the wrong attitude, or no passion and enthusiasm, then you are going to have to toss that crutch away and emotionally grow up so you can go up to your fullest potential as a human being.  To sum it up, the bad news is, it is all on you.  The great news is, it is all on you. It all decides on how you choose to look at it. And someone aspiring to become unstoppable and live their life dominated by the game changer mindset understands that choosing to see this reality as great news or bad news is one of the easiest choices they will ever delight in making.

In case it hasn’t sunk in yet, you own your attitude, passion, and enthusiasm. To become an unstoppable game changer, reflect and take steps on the following four points:

  • Knowing how much it will affect your attitude, passion, and enthusiasm, have you clearly defined your compelling WHY, your bold purpose for doing what you do each day? Is it in writing? Are you reviewing it each morning to help get focused and in the zone?  The WHY fuels attitude, passion, and enthusiasm.


  • As you review the definition of attitude (“A settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior” (Google)), what about your “settled way of thinking” must change for your attitude to improve? Might it involve blame, excuses, a focus on external conditions, the ease with which you are offended, your philosophy towards work ethic and doing all you can, et cetera?


  • As you review the definition of passion (“A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something, or about doing something” (Merriam-Webster)), what must you start doing and stop doing to increase your excitement and enthusiasm for what you do each day—despite external conditions that may seem to conspire against you?


  • As you review the definition of enthusiasm (“Intense and eager enjoyment, interest or approval (Google)), where can you increase your sense of enjoyment in areas where you are currently prone to get out of your zone—setbacks, rejection, a lost sale, a bad game—by focusing on how you can become better and more unstoppable as a result of it?


You can rest assured that as a leader, your level of attitude, passion, and enthusiasm will set the pace for the team. Your speed is their speed; for better or for worse.