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Building a High Performance Culture Part IV

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Mediocre: A Word that Hurts

In this fourth post on building a high performance culture I’ll present an additional word that falls into the “words that hurt” column of cultural makeup: the mindsets, values, attitudes and behaviors must be weeded out of your culture in order to preserve a sound foundation in your organization. For a quick review, I’ve presented the following words that work, and words that hurt, in the three past blog posts:

Words that work:

Earn: to acquire through merit.

Deserve: to be worthy of; to qualify for.

Consistent: constantly adhering to the same principles.

Words that hurt:

Fault: Responsibility for failure.

To use in a sentence: It’s not my fault I had a bad month. In other words, I’m a victim.

Blame: To assign responsibility for failure.

Excuse: a plea offered to explain away a fault or failure.

This post’s word that hurts is mediocre, which is defined as: average, ordinary, not outstanding. Many leaders believe themselves to have high standards, and to have already built high performance cultures. That being the case, and as repulsive to you as this grouping of words is—average, ordinary, not outstanding—honestly evaluate your culture and determine the following:

· How many average, ordinary, not outstanding performers remain on your payroll, and why?

· How many average, ordinary, not outstanding strategies, policies and procedures to you continue to stick with, and why?

· Which average, ordinary, not outstanding belief systems do you hang onto that permits these situations to persist, and when will you replace them with a philosophy worthy of the excellence you claim to aspire?