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Would You Save a Life for $900?

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

If you answered affirmatively to the question in the title, you’ll be encouraged to know that $900 will actually save far more than one life if you care to make the trade. But first, some background on this opportunity:

I’ve been criticized for spending so much time and money helping under-resourced people overseas when so many Americans are hurting. To my critics I explain that:

1. Personally and through our Matthew 25:35 Foundation we invest substantial funds in helping the hungry, homeless, imprisoned and abused in our own country.

2. There are different levels of poverty just as there are of wealth. The poor in America are blessed with access to numerous government and church outreaches to ease their burden. This is not normally the case in the strategic areas we’ve chosen to invest.

Soon, my daughter Ashley and I will travel with a small group from our church to bring hope, healing, shelter and food to helpless gypsy camp orphans in Ukraine. Gypsies are targets of extreme discrimination and animosity in Europe and Western Asia. The adult gypsies have a very difficult time—the orphans don’t stand a chance without outside help. We’ll visit two camps in Beregovo and Mukachevo where conditions are as follows:

  1. There is no clean water.  Without rainwater, residents rely on contaminated river water resulting in widespread filth, disease and intestinal worms; especially amongst the young.
  2. Shelter is primitive and sometimes non-existent, which results in multiple freezing deaths during the winter; primarily amongst children.
  3. The citizens of the camps have significant problems with lice infestation.
  4. There are no medical supplies available in the camps; not even a band aid.
  5. Food is scarce.  Soup kitchens provided by outsiders often supply the only meal camp citizens eat each day.
  6. Many younger children have no clothing and wander naked through the camps.

Because of both limited resources and the intense discrimination against them, the Ukraine government does nothing to help the gypsy camp inhabitants, including the orphans.  As a result, kids (especially orphans) are not only vulnerable to disease, malnutrition and physical abuse, they are easy prey for sexual predators, sex trafficking and child pornography rings.

Our Matthew 25:35 Foundation is partnering with Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, California to help the gypsy camp citizens this July. Calvary has a long history of helping these folks and Ashley and I look forward to substantially increasing their impact through our foundation. We’ve provided funds to facilitate the building of an additional soup kitchen and shelter facility to house children at night. We will also be active in providing funds for deep water wells. Incredibly, these life-changing, life-saving wells can be produced for only $900 each. But while water and labor to dig the wells is plentiful in the villages, the funds are not. In addition to our own donations, we plan to raise funds for multiple wells throughout the two camps, bringing the basic, life-saving gift of clean water to hundreds of men, women, children, and defenseless orphans.

If you, your team, business or non-profit organization would like to get in on adding value to those who cannot help themselves I’m listing three ways you can join us. I’m also including photos of some of the people you’ll help.

1. Pray that this trip brings healing, encouragement and ministry to more gypsies than ever before. We leave the first week of July and will return by mid-month.

2. Pray for the forgotten human beings living in the gypsy camps, especially the orphans: their safety, health and emotional well-being.

3. Help to sponsor a well. For $900 your family, business or ministry can provide life-saving water and improve the lives of hundreds; day-in and day-out for years to come. Any amount is helpful as it will be pooled with like donations to provide wells throughout the two villages.

You can make checks out to the Matthew 25:35 Foundation, P.O. Box 2338 Agoura Hills, CA 91301 and write “Orphan Well” in the memo. Or, contact us for more info at 818-735-9503 or Our Foundation is a registered 501(c) 3 charity, so your contribution is tax deductible as allowed by law. In addition, The Dave Anderson Corporation underwrites all the operating expenses for the foundation so 100% of your gift goes to help. We’ll send an update to each contributor upon our return highlighting the progress and success of the mission.

I’ve included photos from an April visit to the villages. I’ll post new ones after returning. The nice building you’ll see in one picture was provided through past efforts and donations of other caring people. It’s a soup kitchen and teaching facility used daily by the children.

If you prefer to donate online, you can do so by clicking below.