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How to Thrive through Your Next Business Blitz!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

I began October by wrapping up a week long seminar in Western Asia. Since returning home to Los Angeles I’ve been blessed with a plateful of highlights: the opportunity to give my new “Red Belt Mentality” speech in Detroit and Huntsville, Alabama; a visit to my publisher, Wiley, in Hoboken, New Jersey to discuss new book ideas, the taping of a segment of “Your Business” for MSNBC at 30 Rock in Manhattan, helping to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our long-time client and friend, Woody Anderson Ford, and the privilege to teach my “Simply the Best!” customer service workshop in Muscle Shoals.

In the midst of this happy madness we sold out every seat to our annual Strategy Summit in Dallas November 11-13th; filmed two new DVDs: “Stay Hungry with a Red Belt Mentality!” and ” Six ‘Stops’ to Build Up, Touch Up, Toughen Up Your Attitude!,” and produced a new video clip” Whining is no Substitute for Working!” ( ).

Also in October,  Ashley, the executive director of our Matthew 25:35 Foundation, launched new initiatives to support woman’s shelters and a local food bank. She continues to impress us with her energy, ideas, passion, and drive to get things done. As a bonus, my travel this month was made much more pleasant since my wife, Rhonda, (who also happens to run our company) accompanied me on nearly all of my speaking trips.

The team at the office has done exceptional work in our absence, marketing our newly scheduled “Up Your Business 2.0” Leadership Workshop scheduled for January in Atlanta,  beginning the laborious process of  coordinating a new web site design, new computer purchases, and the investigation of expanded office space for 2012.

Whenever you’re caught up in the midst of a business blitz, it’s essential that you keep these two mandates in mind:

1. Plan and prioritize. Don’t get sucked into a swirl of daily activity that causes you to confuse activity for accomplishment. You’ve got to take the time to continue to plan, and work within the discipline of priorities so that you move forward and not laterally or in circles.

2. Delegate non-essential tasks. You will not survive a business blitz if you are chased by the urgent, trivial, or if you spend major time on minor things. When the blur hits, you had better hope you have developed capable and motivated team members who are ready, willing, and able to help you carry the load, and allow you to remain in your zone and do what you do best.

3. Have fun! If you follow steps one and two, this step will come more easily. A common mistake in the midst of a business blitz is to get so focused on the destination that you don’t enjoy the journey. I’ve found that the journey is a lot more fun when you do the following:

A. Shrug off perceived offenses. Going through the day with a chip on your shoulder, or investing yourself in trivial, ego-driven squabbles are momentum and morale breakers. Always enforce and uphold non-negotiables like your values and standards, but practicing the words of  Samuel Johnson will bring you peace of mind and freedom from the bitterness of offense: “The art of being wise is in knowing what to overlook.”

B. Celebrate singles. Even with a flurry of acitivity, not every day is going to be a home run. Celebrate and appreciate the little things that go right each day, and get over the setbacks and move on. This is a key to maintaining your momentum because it is not possible to dwell on what has already occured and move forward simultaneously.