Day 62 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Show People What Good Performance Looks Like!

My publisher, Wiley, contacted me yesterday to solicit ideas for, How to Lead by THE BOOK’s cover. The cover design is VERY important to the success of the book! The work Wiley has done on my past books has been excellent. They will normally submit 2-3 designs to choose from, and from there the fun and debate begins!

When they designed How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK they hit a home run, so we want to keep some of the concepts the same with the new book, without making it too similar. For instance, we will retain THE BOOK with the same all caps distinctive look. In fact, since I will continue to write books in the “by THE BOOK” series, branding those two words will be essential. I should have some designs to look at within a couple of weeks. Now, let’s get on with today’s lesson.

In Matthew 10, Jesus commissions his disciples to go out in pairs and begin to preach, heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead in His name. He gave them His authority to execute all these things, which brings me to the leadership lesson I want to convey in this posting. Jesus didn’t send his team out to do these things until He had first done all of these and more in the prior nine chapters. In other words, Jesus didn’t tell His team what to do before He had showed them how to do it!

Unfortunately, this is where many managers today miss the mark. They are addicted to “should be’s”. “You should be doing this or that”, etc. However, it doesn’t take much leadership to sit in a chair and bark out what people should do. Effective leaders get in the trenches, roll up their sleeves, and show people what good performance looks like. They lead with deeds, not just with words.  This is because followers would rather see a sermon than hear one.  This being said, how much time do you and your managers spend actually showing people what to do? For instance, consider the following:

1. Do you tell them they should be closing more deals, or do you show them how to close them, in front of the customer with the employee at your side?

2. Do you criticize them for not setting enough appointments, or do you take the phone and show them how to do it?

3. Do you admonish them to get more referrals, or do you demonstrate the proper way to ask for a referral? This list of questions could go on for a while, but you get the point.

Recommit to following the example set by Jesus. Don’t just give pep talks and empower your team to do their job until you’ve first shown them how it should be done.

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