Day 50 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Your 100% Success Guarantee!

Common questions I heard during press interviews after writing How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK were:

“Do the biblical principles you place in your book still work today?”

“Are the Bible’s promises relevant in this age? So much has changed since they were written.”

“Weren’t the miraculous workings of God and Jesus focused on a certain period of time in order to help launch the church? Is that same power really available for me today in my life and in my business?”

I’m sure I’ll hear similar questions as I am interviewed on radio and in print after How to Lead by THE BOOK is published in June. I did over 100 interviews in the months following my last book and I would expect no less amount of activity this time around.

Frankly, these are legitimate questions that anyone should contemplate before deciding to put into practice ancient strategies offered by any author. However, my own opinion concerning the power or veracity of the 70 biblically-based strategies I will recommend in my book are irrelevant. A reader should insist on a higher authority than the author to prove the power of what he is suggesting. Because of this, I recoomend reading the following scriptures to reinforce and give credence to every paragraph of advice you will find in How to Lead by THE BOOK. If you have any doubts about the reliability of what God has promised, or the relevance of Jesus Christ today, as compared to long ago, these should clear it up:

Numbers 23:19

1 Samuel 15:29

2 Samuel 7:28

Titus 1:2

Hebrews 6:18

And the best one of all…Hebrews 13:8.

If what God says and promises is true, and if He is the same today as He has always been, then you can rest in the confidence that doing what He instructs brings a 100% guarantee of success for those whose hearts belong to him as commanded in Matthew 22:37! Knowing what to do is clear. Now, go do it!

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