Day 40: How to Lead by THE BOOK: Entitlement, PC, & “Tolerance”!

My tenth book, How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK was published on August 29, 2009 and is approaching its one year anniversary. Normally, sales tail off in the months following a book’s release. However, June and July’s sales have been the best of the year! It’s great to see a picking up, rather than winding down, of momentum as the months march on. Thank you for your support!

Tomorrow, I will leave to speak in Florida for three days. I plan to use the time on airplanes and in hotel rooms to finish the preface of the book. A preface describes the book’s purpose, gives an overview of the content, and discusses for whom the book is written. A preface differs from a book’s introduction in that the introduction sets forth the book’s specific arguments and issues. Since a preface and introduction are so closely related, I’ve decided to combine them in the preface section. Unfortunately, many readers skip through the preface or introduction and jump right into the first chapter. This is a big mistake! If an author does his job right, you’ll find plenty of “meat”, and thought-provoking material in those sections that set the tone for the entire read.

In my preface, I’ll outline the unique challenges leaders face today as they endeavor to lead their organization and live their lives by biblical principles. These factors include but are not limited to: a rising tide of entitlement amongst employees, society’s rush towards a “there are no absolutes” culture where anything goes and everything can be rationalized, and the pervasiveness of political correctness that has eliminated all middle ground: you’re either for affirmative action or you’re a racist; you’re in favor of gay marriage or you’re homophobic; you’re pro-choice or you’re a fundamentalist “nut job”. You either agree that a mosque should be built at the site of the 9-11 massacre, or you’re a bigoted hatemonger. Cultural currents like these have caused many leaders to make costly compromises in their personal beliefs and businesses.

Because moral boundaries have been blurred in both society and in the workplace, How to Lead by THE BOOK will stress the importance of clearly defining what you stand for and refuse to fall for up front. Once that is done, it’s far easier to make decisions, to know what to say yes or no to, and to more quickly understand what fits your organization’s vision and strategy and what doesn’t. Paradoxically, in this age where “tolerance” has become the big buzzword, a leader’s character is largely defined by what he or she won’t tolerate or accept.

P.S. Happy birthday to my daughter Ashley! The “Big 25” today! She makes her mom and dad VERY proud–and old!

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