Day 39 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Resist the Age of “No Shame”!

Nearly every day you read a news story about one of more of these issues: a dishonest business person is in trouble because of their greed; celebrities and sports stars who either philander, are addicted or abusive; and politicians that do any and all of the above.  It can be accurately said of our age that behaviors once regarded as abhorrent are now considered commonplace. What’s worse, is that the modern mind has become extremely proficient at rationalizing what our hearts know is wrong.

Let me share a few examples of how the world has turned upside down. Then I’ll move on to a checklist of ethical behaviors we must maintain in business to stand above the secular trend towards “anything goes”.

1. Advocates and protests abound for law breakers, while the just are ridiculed for their religion.

2. Judges mock God as they legitimize sinful lifestyles under the pretense of “rights”, denigrating the rights of those who wish to live in a more morally sound culture, and who oppose the validation and celebration of what God has called abominable, unnatural, and shameful.

3. Those who speak up for moral beliefs are accused of intolerance and hate speech.

4. Every evidence of religion is scrubbed from the public square, while opportunities to view filth and violence via the Internet, on television and at the movies abound.

When surveying the moral landscape today, one can draw no other conclusion than this: The human race has lost its fear and awe of God. And to make matters worse, it doesn’t even feel bad about it! There is no shame! These words from 16th century theologian, John Calvin, could very well have been written specifically for this decade:

For it is the summit of all evils, when the sinner is so void of shame, that he is pleased with his own vices, and will not bear them to be reproved, and also cherishes them in others by his consent and approbation.

In, How to Lead by THE BOOK I’ll outline a series of  ethical business behaviors that leaders must embrace to establish credibility and integrity within their organization. You cannot lead “By THE BOOK”  if you insist on rationalizing away these responsibilities and replace them with what is more expedient or culturally acceptable. Here’s a brief preview. See how well you measure up:

1. Keep your commitments, without excuse and regardless of the cost.

2. Care enough to confront others when they’re off track and hold them accountable.

3. Don’t withhold good from those to whom it is owed. Give them what they earn and deserve.

4. Don’t create false impressions with your advertising. The fact that it is  not technically a “lie”, is not enough. If it creates a false impression it is wrong.

5. Hold people just as accountable for living your values as for “hitting the numbers.”

6. Never ask an employee to lie for you. This includes “white lies” that seem harmless, but in reality compromise your character.

7. Quickly admit mistakes and give away credit.

8. Always tell the truth. If someone doesn’t want to hear it, it most likely means that they need to.

Don’t follow the cultural current that has lost its sense of decency and it’s awe of God. He is not mocked, despite what the media, the government, and the depraved would have you believe. He watches. He acts. He rewards. And He judges. You will reap what you sow in your business and your life. Be sure that you’re planting seeds that can build and sustain greatness, and not those that assure your own destruction.

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