Day 38 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Knowing versus Doing!

As a result of the 1,000 presentations I’ve given to businesses over the past decade, I’ve become convinced that for the most part, organizations don’t under-achieve because they lack knowledge. Rather, they fall short of their potential because they fail to do what they already know! It’s not a “knowing” issue, it’s a “doing” issue that causes business plateaus and declines. And even “doing” isn’t enough: It’s the consistency in “doing” the right things, over time, that transforms cultures, people, and results.

I believe that the biggest gap in life, and in business, is the gap between  knowing and doing. Thus, it’s incumbent upon leaders to develop the discipline and desire to close that gap. In, How to Lead by THE BOOK, I’ll present strategies to overcome this major business challenge. But even then, it will be up to the readers to apply and “do”, what they have just learned and can claim to “know”.

Interestingly, the Bible never acclaims “knowing.” Rather, it applauds and makes promises to those who do what they know. In Luke 6:40, Jesus said: “Why do you call Me, ‘Lord, Lord’, and not do the things which I say?” John 13:17 declares, “If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them.” You will also find that the Bible holds those who know but don’t do, to a far higher standard than those who are ignorant and lack knowledge.

You probably know exactly what it will take to get greater results in your organization: clearer vision and expectations, more consistent training, stronger accountability and the like. The question is, when will you begin to do more of what you already know? Remember: Knowing is nothing! Life rewards action! Get up off your knowledge and do something!

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