Day 35 How to Lead by THE BOOK: Character Trumps Competence!

When someone applies for a job in your organization you must have two sets of questions to ask during the interview: One set related to determining competence and another set for determining character. Don’t settle for one or the other! You need both! If you have to choose which is most important, then go with character. This is because you can teach skills and knowledge but you cannot teach someone how to have character. Character is someone’s inner make up that has been determined over a lifetime of choices and values he or she has either embraced or disregarded.

Talent, is a foundational component of competence because talent is the wiring that enables one to more easily and fully develop competence in a specific area. One of the saddest aspects in life is those who waste their talent, or nullify it outright, because their character is defective. Solid character protects one’s talent! Lack of character can render one’s talent irrelevant, and quickly relegate an employee to dispensable status.

In, How to Lead by THE BOOK, I will offer several interview questions that will help you to determine an applicant’s character. They will dig deep into a person’s life because both success, and failure, leave clues! It’s your job as an interviewer to flush out those clues and determine what’s most important about a job candidate before they’re cashing your paychecks!

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