Day 16 How to Lead by THE BOOK: How do You Convince Hardheads?

Here’s one of the 70 challenges that I’m working on today: “How do you convince people to go along with what you want to do?” “How can you get them on board with your vision?” “What is the secret to talking them in to doing things a certain way?” In other words, “How do you convince people who aren’t open to being convinced?” Every leader wrestles with this challenge.  Sadly, there is normally a small group of people who, regardless of your past track record, integrity, and compelling reasons for why they should change, won’t go along. In fact, Jesus had the same problem.

In Matthew 16, the Pharisees and Sadducees, approached Jesus with a demand that He give them a sign from heaven. To understand the hardness of their hearts, it’s important to remember that by this time Jesus had already done the following: healed lepers, paralytics, the blind, raised the dead, miraculously fed the 4,000 and the 5,000, cast out demons, calmed the storm with His words, walked on water and more! Jesus called these men hypocrites and then left them. Notice, He didn’t argue with them, or try to convince them–He walked away from them.  We should do the same.

I’ve learned that it is productive to work with those who have not made up their minds and remain open to doing what is right. But those who have shut their minds, dug in their heels, and have assumed the role of mockers; there is nothing you can do with them except to leave them. Or, better yet, send them away and purge your organization of their cancer. Your time is precious and you shouldn’t waste it by believing it is your job to smack people in the head with a bat and drag them around the bases! Rather, invest your time and efforts into those who are humble enough to still listen, and open enough to change. I’ll go more into depth concerning this principle in, How to Lead by THE BOOK, when I address the challenge, “How do I convince people who aren’t open to being convinced?”