How to Balance Your Life in 2010!

In How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK, I included a chapter on work/life balance that highlighted four key areas of balance to pursue in your life. I suggested that while you may never find yourself in “perfect” life balance, you should continually take strides to improve each of the four sectors, because a let up in any one area will adversely affect the others. The beginning of a New Year offers a logical time, psychologically, to recommit to improving balance in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual areas of your life. That being said, what will you in 2010 to improve…

1. Your mental balance. Mental balance concerns learning new things. This can be addressed by attending more seminars, reading more books, taking an online course and the like. You’re far less likely to become complacent or to plateau when you’re staying fresh and relevant “between the ears”.

Mental balance thought: Life gets easier when you get better. You get better when you work on yourself!

2. Your emotional balance. Emotional balance concerns the strength of relationships with family and friends. What will you do to become a better spouse, parent and friend? This requires more than a physical presence. It demands a change of heart.

Emotional balance thought: You can’t afford to allow your family become a casualty of your pursuit of more stuff!

3. Your physical balance. Physical balance is about staying healthy and taking care of your body. Do you work so hard on your job that you’ve got no time or energy left over to work on your health? If the answer is “yes”, you’ve got horribly misplaced priorities that can eventually drain you of the energy and passion necessary to get the most from all areas in your life.

Physical balance thought: While most people are repulsed by the idea of committing suicide with a gun, they unthinkingly do so with a fork every time they sit down to eat! Is this the year you’ll finally become serious about getting your physical condition under control?

4. Your spiritual balance. This involves your connection with a higher power in your life. Leaders devoid of spiritual vitality often fall prey to temptations and character compromises that destroy everything they’ve built in their lives. They also miss the inner peace, joy and perspective that they can only know when they replace the ambition to “get more” with the goal of becoming more. Which spiritual discipline do you need to develop to help you in this most vital of the four balance arenas: prayer, Bible reading, scripture memorization, fasting, journaling, serving, giving, others? Schedule these activities and work the rest of your day around them, rather than trying to squeeze spiritual disciplines into what’s left of your day.

Spiritual balance thought: Could a lack of spiritual balance be the culprit behind your feelings of emptiness, insignificance, hopelessness or passionless approach to life?