Say, “Merry Christmas!”

Years ago, I wrote the words, “Merry Christmas” to the readers of my magazine column and received hate mail as a result. Several non-Christians took offense at my greeting since they did not celebrate Christmas. Sadly, the reaction I received is evidence of the hyper-sensitive and politically-correct times in which we live. Here are four resolutions I made after this incident:

1. Since my motives were not to exclude or offend, but were to bless others with a Christian greeting, I would continue to say, “Merry Christmas”. After all, this is the day I celebrate. December 25th is “Christmas”! It is not “Holiday”!

2. I would not take offense when those of other faiths offered me a greeting that reflected their beliefs. I would assume the best about their intentions, and not the worst. I would not explain that I don’t celebrate their holiday. Rather, I would reply with a cheerful, “thank you”.

3. I would never let society pressure me into removing Christ from my holiday: and this includes everything from my Christmas decorations to my Christmas greeting. Spin it any way that you like, but when a Christian cowers away from “Christmas” in an effort to please the world, he or she denies Christ and puts fear of men before awe for God.

4. If I tell someone “Merry Christmas” and they respond with, “I don’t celebrate Christmas” or any version thereof, I will politely respond: “No? Oh well, please accept my greeting in the spirit in which it’s intended. Christmas is about joy, and that’s what I wish for you.”