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Quit Whining & Give Thanks!

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

According to statistics, 155,000 people die on earth each day and most of them never saw it coming. Think about it: 155,000 people that were here only hours ago are no longer with us. Thus, if you’re reading this, you’ve made the cut. This fact begs the question, “What will you do to validate the fact that you are still here and so many are not?”

Will you whine about your finances? Complain about your health? Criticize your workplace? Badmouth your spouse?

It’s safe to say that roughly 155,000 people not yet interred in their graves would immediately trade places with you and gladly assume the burden of your bills, cheerfully suffer through the horrors of your health, vigorously volunteer to work sixteen-hour days at your job and generously give your better-half the benefit of the doubt.

Grasp the following reality and it is easier to face what life throws your way each day: Life is not supposed to be easy. Rather, it is designed to be difficult. This fact goes a long way in explaining why so many people find only moderate success or happiness in the decades they’ve been given. But the sooner you realize that happiness and gratitude are choices and that despite life’s challenges each day has the potential to become a masterpiece, the sooner you will cease being worked and start working; you’ll stop being lived and begin living; you’ll resist being shaped and begin shaping and you’ll waste less time whining and invest more in rejoicing. Thanksgiving is more than a holiday, it is a lifestyle.