A Letter to the Terminated Chrysler Dealers

An Open Letter to the Terminated Chrysler Dealers:

I can only imagine the stress and uncertainty you’ve had to endure since the May 14th announcement by Chrysler that they were terminating your dealership. This sort of devastating news has no doubt tested your leadership, temperament and even your faith. I want to help those of you that have decided to fight it out by staying in business: either as a used car dealer, a service center or by taking on another franchise. It is your tenacious spirit that has made the retail automotive industry so great and that I find so inspiring in the midst of economic adversity.

My guess is that right now you could use some renewed energy, focus, vision and strategy to get your team moving in a new direction. To help you achieve these goals, I want to give you a free $1500.00 training package to help your business rebound. I assure you that this is a real deal. There are no strings attached, no “gotchas”, no fine print. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I shoot straight.

The over one million dollars in free training products and services I want to give the 789 terminated Chrysler dealers won’t change anyone’s fortunes over night, but I hope they will inspire, instruct, educate and elevate your staff to a new level of performance as you reinvent your business.

The free Rebound Training Package includes everything from: sales and management DVDs, newsletters, video-conferences and online access to hundreds of training programs for your entire sales and management teams. Again, there are no strings; games, no costs involved and no one is going to try and sell you or up sell you anything. Frankly, you’ve been jerked around enough.

When discussing this offer with my team at LearnToLead, the following points arose as matters that I should address:

  1. Who qualifies to receive the free $1500 Rebound Training Package? Answer: All of the 789 terminated Chrysler dealers that have chosen to remain in business in some manner.
  2. How do I get my $1500 free Rebound Training Package? Answer: Call us at 800-519-8224. We’ll check your name against the list of terminated dealers and would like to see a faxed copy of your termination letter. Once we’ve confirmed that you are who you say you are, we’ll set you up with the package right away. When you call, please ask for Rhonda or Russell as I’ve designated them as our “Rebound Training Package” service assistants. If you have questions about any of this, email me directly at dave@learntolead.com.
  3. How about if we are part of a larger dealership group that closed the Chrysler dealership but still operates other dealerships? Answer: You qualify. I think it is safe to assume that you’ve already taken a financial beating throughout this process and could use a break. Let our Rebound Training Package help focus the rest of your team on selling more so that you can recoup your losses.
  4. What provisions have we made for the terminated GM dealers? Answer: The GM dealers are still appealing the manufacturer’s decision and won’t have to close their stores until late 2010. When the dust settles and their situation becomes clearer, we will stand with them as well. The Chrysler dealerships have already been closed and immediate attention should be given to helping the leaders of these enterprises rebuild their businesses.

We would like to clear up the internal accounting issues involved with this giveaway, so please claim your Rebound Training Package by September 1, 2009.

For those of you who are  not familiar with me or LearnToLead, you can find out about us at www.learntolead.com. We hope to hear from you soon. It is a pleasure and a privilege for us to help you recover, refocus and regain your momentum.

Dave Anderson
Contact info: dave@learntolead.com www.learntolead.com